Make a minute for the good stuff

For over 30 years, the deliciously creamy taste of Dairygold has been spreading straight from the fridge, giving you an extra minute for the moments that matter to you.

One Magical Minute

Because Dairygold spreads straight from the fridge, you make a minute that can mean so much more.

Welcome to Micro-Volunteering

Micro-volunteering is exactly what it sounds like, a way for busy people to help others, in the time it takes to wait for a bus, stand in a queue or enjoy some toast with Dairygold. We partnered with six amazing organisations to bring Micro-Volunteering opportunities to the public, where you can complete small tasks that make up a larger project, without having to make any long-term commitment. And all in the time it takes to make your toast.

Our Campaign Ad

Make a minute to check out our campaign ad for Dairygold. 60 seconds of the Good Stuff made from over 2,500 submissions from members of the public. #MakeaMinute

What would you do with an extra minute?

We asked the people of Dublin: If you had an extra minute, what would you do with it?